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Indoor Panorama 3D interactive platform

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Indoor Panorama 3D interactive platform

The 3D interactive platform based on indoor 360 panorama provides online users a realistic virtual indoor space.
The users can buy shown products in shop and reverse a vacant table in restaurant as well as freely go around and closely on the 3D interactive platform because the indoor 360 panorama images are captures densely along every available path and the shown items such as table and product in the images are registered as objects in the 3D interactive platform..


  • Automatic indoor 360 panorama imaging technology.
  • A large number of objects detection and identification based on image processing technology.
  • Cross-platform 3D interactive engine based on Unity3D

The robotic vehicle having high precision 360 panorama imaging system captures real space according to planed path and generate 360 high-resolution panorama images.
The objects which have object identifying code such as QR-code in the captured high-resolution image are detected and identified by image processing.
Users can talk other online user each other as well as walk along a path, buy something and reserve a table using their diverse device such as smartphone, web, PC and smart TV.


  • Indoor panorama 3D interactive platform is unreality space that can view reality space.
  • The end-user can be possible buying products, shopping.
  • It is expressed 3D from reality space.
  • The platform can transfer feeling end-user that is able to express kind of restaurant, library.

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Indoor Panorama 3D interactive platform

Indoor Panorama 3D interactive platform