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Satellite System [Inplanet]

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The InPlanet is cross-platform 3D engine for data visualization in other to understand various simulated data regarding objects that we cannot observe directly in space field and complicated and multidimensional data in remote sensing field.


  • Solar system
  • Solar eclipse
  • Satellite orbit propagation
  • Satellite mission Simulation
  • Satellite attitude control display
  • Satellite introduction
  • Space weather monitoring
  • Lunar exploration


  • Satellite visualization tool
  • Meteorological data visualization
  • Space weather data visualization
  • Lunar exploration simulation
  • Space education


  • Cross-platform 3D earth engine based model and data visualization
  • Providing various camera view-point for dynamic view
  • User defined object display (ex, ground station)

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Satellite System -Inplanet-

Satellite System -Inplanet-

Satellite System -Inplanet-